Do you provide Domain & Hosting?

Yes, we do provide Domain & Hosting support. You can register Domain & Hosting for minimum one (01) year to onward. If you register for one (01) year, you need to renew each year.

Can you develop a website if I provide a design of my own concept?

Yes, we do. We can develop any design as per your requirement. But if you wish to develop/create a website of your own design, on that case you have to provide psd (Photoshop) file of that design.

Do you provide support by writing content of a website?

Sorry, we do not provide content of any website. Different organizations require different content related to their company. You need to provide us the content of your website.

Do I need to purchase a theme to develop a website?

Not all time. There are some free themes which can be used to develop a website. But free themes are less secured and have limited options. It is better to develop a website with premium theme. But the best option is to develop the website by developing a theme using customized php.

Do I need to renew the premium theme each year as like Domain & Hosting?

No, you don’t need to renew premium themes each year. Premium themes are purchased for life time. You also get the updates of that theme free of cost and automatically.

What is the difference between a website developed by WordPress and customized php?

Customized developed websites by php are more secured and load faster than WordPress websites.

What is Plugins?

plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to a WordPress websites. There are both free and premium plugins. Premium plugins provide more options.

How long does it take to develop a website?

Actually it depends on the category, design, size and content of the website. To develop a website by WordPress of maximum 20/25 page, we require 7-10 days and 3-5 days for content upload & finalize it.

To create a website of 20/25 page by developing theme it requires maximum 30 days including content upload and finalize it.

We also provide express service. If you require your website within particular days, we will be able to provide it as per your requirements. But it will require additional charge.